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Service Flow

Service Flow of GZL International Exhibition Service

---Step one: submit requirement and communicate basic information (two ways)

1. Submit requirement on line and our staff will contact you within 30 minutes to confirm details with you and offer basic information and suggestions.

2. Call service hotline or contact us through service QQ of this website to communicate and submit requirement.
---Step two: prepare basic plan within specified time (includes the quote)
We will give you basic plan and quote within specified time.
For meetings, events and incentive travel in China: half a work day.
For meetings, events and incentive travel abroad: one work day.
For theme events/creative planning: 1-2 work days.
---Step three: Collect clients’ feedback on our information and adjust plans in accordance with the clients’ individualized needs.
Our tailored service will provide you with the best price quality and most suitable service.
---Step four: sign agreement after the plan is confirmed by the two parties.
For meetings, events and planning, we will sign specific agreement on meetings, events and planning
For incentive travels we will sign contracts revised and approved by the Guangdong Tourism Administration.
---Step five: prepay travel fees or event fees according to the agreement or contract.
---Step six; prepare and carry out relevant activities.
---Step seven: After the plan has been carried out, confirm the project’s consumption, close the account and provide invoices.
Because there are some uncertainties in the actual consumption, the payer needs to be confirmed in written form beforehand. The payer will confirm the actual consumption with his/her signature and close the account with 3-5 days after the project is complete. After that, invoices will be provided.
---Step eight: Customer Service staff member will pay visit to the client and collect the clients’ feedback and scoring.

1. For international projects, because of visa preparation and policy, please submit your requirement as soon as possible so that we can have enough time to prepare.
2. For domestic projects( incentive travels):
Within Guangdong province: please submit requirement 5-7 work days in advance.
Outside Guangdong province: please submit requirement 2 weeks in advance (the sooner, the better)
3. For the following projects, please submit your requirements as soon as possible and the booking is subject to down payment.

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